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Who are we?

Alphabet Alternative Education is a Lebanese NGO founded in 2013 with the purpose of educating Syrian children in the Beqaa Valley; an area in Lebanon with a very large number of Syrian refugees. We are a group of dedicated humanitarians and volunteers dedicated to fighting the decline of education resulting from the Syrian crisis


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What do we do?

Most child refugees have no access to education either due to geographic restriction or their parents' financial constraint. Alphabet tent-schools offer a free and accessible solution to providing education because of our location within refugee settlements

We build and manage tent-schools offering an intensive curriculum designed specifically for times of crisis. Our mission is to prepare and enroll our graduates into the mainstream Lebanese education system by filling the gap in knowledge between their current level and the appropriate level for their age

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Alphabet Projects

Alphabet manages many projects in addition to educating children through our tent-schools.

Some of our projects include:

Literacy courses for illiterate parents to help foster an educationally supportive environment

Knitting and baking courses to empower women within refugee communities socially and financially

A public oven built and operated by Alphabet

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